Research suggests that children who are picky eaters consume fewer calories in their diets, are more likely to eat fewer than 2 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and less fat and protein than non-picky eaters. [1] As a result, they do not receive the recommended level of some nutrients required and thus may be at risk for several nutrition-related problems. [2] Inadequate intake of fruits and vegetables may result in lower intake of fiber, folate and vitamins like vitamin C, and vitamin E. These nutrients have important functions related to health and well-being. [4] [3]
  • Vitamin C may help in immune response. [3]
  • Fiber can aid in the digestive process by adding bulk and water to stools to regulate elimination. It also helps prevent and/or alleviate constipation.
  • Folate is essential to physical development. [3] [4]
  • Vitamins C and E are important antioxidants that help prevent cellular damage.


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